GUARANTEE: Downloads are final since they are not returnable. The download link will expire after 120 hours or after 5 attempts. However, OPP guarantees a successful download within a month of the purchase date. After one month OPP is absolved from any further responsibility with respect to the download. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a backup of the download be made by customer's preferred method.

OPERA PRACTICE PERFECT (OPP) provides a unique practice tool that benefits classical singers, from aspiring students to working professionals. OPP accompaniments are the played piano part of the piano/vocal score of a complete opera or choral work. The tempi of the accompaniments are matched to a well-known recording of each opera thus providing the nuances of renowned singers following the baton of a world-class conductor. Practicing to an OPP accompaniment provides a valid artistic experience.

ROLES Accompaniments are provided for an entire role including duets, trios, ensembles, etc. Ample cue time is provided, allowing cues to be learned from the music. Vocal cues are not provided as they are considered unreliable. Vocal lines are not provided as OPP accompaniments are a practice tool, not a learning tool.

COMPLETE OPERAS This is the accompaniment of a given work from beginning to end, minus dry recitatives, and
minus orchestral pieces where there is no singing.

RECITATIVES Accompanied recits. are included. Dry recits. are not included since they are in "free time" making the placement of the chords not possible.


TEMPI Following the tempi of an OPP accompaniment provides the benefit of following the tempi of a renowned Conducor.

ACCURACY The note-perfect feature of an OPP accompaniment facilitates learning a role accurately.

COST EFFECTIVE OPP accompaniments allow the singer to have unlimited practice time whenever and wherever they choose.



ABOUT THE RECORDINGS Today's technology advances allow us accomplish OPP's unique features. A sampled 9' Steinway Grand Piano in a proprietary mix is used making the sound quality complete and powerful.